“The BEST experience ever!!!! I called this morning in the worst pain with a toothache& they got me in and out within 1 hr& 15 mins with no wait! This office runs smooth& friendly from checkout to procedure. The receptionist explains everything clearly and she’s very patient. This will be my new office from now on for cleanings etc. this is great for working ppl who don’t have time to go to the dentist during normal business hrs. The Dr. is funny and so down to earth! so is the assistant! Great place!!!!!!!!!” - Shontay McCray

“They were an ABSOLUTE blessing tonight!!! Thank you!! thank you!!! THANK YOU! They were super friendly and FAST. I was in and out in about 30 mins . I would DEFINITELY recommend.” - Shadiasha King

“They were fast, prompt and friendly with no stress. They gave me all of my options up front. On top off all that open on a Sunday.” - Leroy Matthews

“I chipped a tooth on a Friday night and was in by Saturday afternoon having it fixed. They were wonderful explaining all my options and very patient with me as I have anxiety. I would refer them to anyone ever in my position!!” - Stephanie Mccaa

“HUGE shout out to this great new business!!! If you are looking for emergency dental work, regular dental care or a tooth ache DEFINITELY go see them!! The Dentists and staff are awesome! For all of us who work crazy hours and can not see their regular dentist when an emergency happens it it well worth the visit. Very reasonable prices as well. Can not say enough about City Dental Urgent Care!!! You guys are awesome!!!!!! Will definitely be back!!” - Cath Snyder-Crumlich

“Was able to get a same day appointment. Great fast service!!! Team was very professional and caring.” - Travis Nicholson

“Great staff and dentist.” - Markie Gunter

“I went it for jaw pain that felt like a tooth coming in (it couldn’t have been a tooth because I don’t have wisdom teeth). Within 30 mins I had xrays done and an exam where the dentist found part of the root tip of my 9 year old wisdom teeth removal!!! By the time I left the office, the painful root tip was removed and I felt ten times better! The dentist was fantastic and made the extraction with very little pain! Best dentist experience I have ever had.” - Kendall Beard

“Fast services and great staff!! Walked in and out!!” - Kimberly Bell

“They have awesome service. They got me in & out in less than 20mins. I prefer anyone if u have tooth pain to check City Dental out.” - Donovan McDonald

“Open on Sunday, outstanding! After losing a nights sleep to a severe toothache, I was pleased to find City Dental is open Sundays, getting the problem taken care of with little wait time and without missing a day of work. To top it off the staff was straightforward, understanding, and friendly. I could not ask for a better experience with a reasonable cost. Thank you!” - Adam Shumpert

“Excellent place. Got me right in extracted bad tooth. Feel better already!” - Cheryl Fry

“Very nice people. Walked in and got in to see someone right away. Had the problem taken care of quickly.” - Dana M

“Outstanding Dr. And staff are phenomenal i had to get 2 emergency extractions only spot open on sunday anywhere. Great people great price great service.” - Mark Liedlich

“Very quick service and they make sure that you feel comfortable, I will come back.” - Monica Chavis