Virtual Check-In

Why wait in our lobby? Wait wherever you are most comfortable by using our online check-in. We will call or text you when it is time to come in to the office. We only ask that you remain nearby; if you do not show up to claim your spot within 15 minutes of our call, we will go on to serve the next client in line. Great care is just a click away. Check-in now!

Text  "(your name)" and "immediate care" to (803)701-9443 to join our virtual waiting room check-in or simply complete the form below.

{Using this virtual check-in does not automatically schedule you an appointment. If you do not receive a call back from us within 10 minutes of your virtual check-in, please call us directly at 803-764-3320 for immediate assistance. If you complete this virtual check-in when our office is closed, we will call you back as soon as we re-open.}

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